to me, she was beautiful.

she could wear her hair dry, didn’t brush it for two days, and made it into a messy bun.

she could go out without any makeup on; pimples all over her face—some with a little dried blood stain because she just popped them, droopy eyes because she never slept before 2 am for almost a week, chapped lips, and oily chin.

she could wear shorts without saving her legs, cropped tee without giving a fuck on her belly rolls, or high heels without thinking about her ability to walk on it.

she could eat meat all day and ignoring her needs of vegetables, she could drink coffee every night and wine twice per week, she could smoke cigarettes and blow vapor out of her mouth.

she could believe in theories of parallel universe, claimed she knows no god and believe no bible, ignoring the fact there is a thing called sin and there are places called heaven and hell, declaring herself as someone who walked outside the line with proud smile on her face.

she could do anything but she was still beautiful; to my eyes, to my heart, to me.

she could be anything she wanted to be.

she could be like mulan; strong, compassionate, stands for equality.

she could be like luna lovegood; eccentric, dreamy, and is one of a kind.

she could be like bonnie parker; lovely, daring, and up to no good.

she could be like mata hari; seductive, clever, and ambitious.

or she could be herself;

the girl who was all quiet when we first met,

the girl who threw silly jokes every now and then,

the girl who shyly held my hand when we first went out as couple,

the girl who punched my arm,

the girl who slept on my shoulder,

the girl who kissed me goodbye,

the girl who called me “dumb-ass”,

the girl who fell head over heels with me.

she could be wild, she could be untamed, she could be free,

but she was still beautiful, and she would always look like that to me.

she would always be that girl who took a piece of my heart and never gave it back,

that girl who I wanted to be with.

she could be anything else,

but to me she would always be angela ranee.




—j, 04/16/2017, 21:20 wib


2 thoughts on “aubade

    sungguh estetik si jendra jendra ini astaga daebaque ranitta aku senang membaca yg jenis jenisnya seperti ini
    ini tuh deep inside jendra’s heart banget ya ampun jen aku gatau ternyata kamu bisa seperti ini hahaha @/dwijendrus
    yha rani aku bener bener bener beneran suka sama ini seriusan deh keep writing yaaa💋💜💜💜💜


      HUHUHUHUHEHEHEHEHE ini aku nulisnya sambil baper-baper bunga bangke sekaligus jijik dengan diriku sendiri HEHEHEHEHEHE AH GUE KENAPA SIH
      Thanks udah baca, echaakim q ❤ ❤ ❤


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